Preparing Your Car for the Winter – Advice from Our Vancouver Car Service Experts

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With the rough winter weather fast approaching, now is the time to ensure that you start getting your vehicle prepared. Proper inspection and maintenance prior to the snow is essential to minimize the chances of getting into an accident and have your vehicle ready to battle the elements. Our Vancouver car service experts at Ootmar Automotive take a look at some of the ways that you can accomplish this below.

Cooling System Maintenance

Always check the level, concentration and condition of your coolant frequently as the winter approaches. Furthermore, always ensure that your maintenance routine includes checking the conditions of the drive belts, hoses and clamps to ensure they are tight enough and in good working order. If necessary, flush and refill the cooling system to ensure that it continues to operate at its optimal effectiveness.

Light and Bulb Inspection

Working lights and bulbs are essential to increase the safety of you and others on the road during the winter so a thorough inspection of them is an important step to prepare your car for the season. Replace any bulbs that have burnt out and regularly clean any grease and grime from the lenses of working bulbs. Never use a dry rag as they can lead to scratching of the bulb surface.

Change Your Tires

Winter tires are essential to ensure that your car has the proper grip and traction to travel safely along ice and snow without sliding. Of course, even winter tires can wear out and pose dangers on the road so make sure that you still give them a close inspection before taking them onto the road. Examine them for any uneven wearing and cupping and look for any nicks or cuts on the sidewalls. Additionally, make sure to check your spare and ensure that your jack is in working order.

Check Your Battery

Take a look at your battery and scrape away any corrosion on the posts and cable connections. You should also check the fluid levels each month if your battery caps are removable. When it comes to checking your battery and making sure that it isn’t weak, hiring one of our mechanics to do the job is recommended, as professional equipment is needed.

If you’re in the North Vancouver, Richmond or Burnaby area and want quality Vancouver car service, our staff Ootmar Automotive can ensure that your car is brought up to speed and ready to hit the winter roads. Don’t take the risk of driving your vehicle in the harsh weather without being positive that it’s prepared for it. For more information or further questions, give us a call at (604) 681-1727 and we’ll be happy to help you out.

How Our Vancouver Car Repair and Maintenance Experts Can Help You

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Inspecting, maintaining and repairing your car can be a stressful experience, but with the right amount of work you will really appreciate the benefits in the long run. At Ootmar Automotive, our Vancouver experts have the ability to conduct comprehensive car repair and maintenance work that will help you increase its longevity and keep it operating in at its optimal levels. Take a look at some of the ways that we can help you below.

Quality Parts

Our mechanics will use the best quality parts and premium lubrication for your repairs – out shop focuses on long-term solutions intended to increase the longevity of your car to its maximum, not short-term solutions that will only hold together for a short period of time. By focusing on long-term solutions, our mechanics can help you ensure that your car will withstand any potentially damaging situations in the future, be it a bad snowstorm or a fender bender.

Our Services

  • Lube and Oil Services
  • Brake Repairs
  • Certified Air Care Repairs
  • Engine Diagnosis
  • Transmission Flushes
  • TerraClean Fuel Injection

Unique Services

Our highly trained staff offers comprehensive repair services that can’t be found at your standard auto repair shop. You can be sure that your car repair will utilize the latest technology in the industry to ensure that your car is in the best shape possible. For example, our Terra Clean Fuel Injection Service allows our drivers to improve their fuel economy and bolster their engine performance in the long-term, which helps them save money and cut down future costs.

Experience That Counts

Since 1977, our staff has been providing quality results to the Vancouver area using our thorough knowledge of the automotive repair industry. Our claims to quality aren’t just for show – we have the years of experience and customer satisfaction to back it up. With various awards and certifications, you can be sure that our services will get your vehicle into top shape and keep it running well into the future.

Family Owned and Operated

Everything outline above, from our high-quality parts to our unique services, stems from the fact that our business has been family owned and operated since its inception. With complete control over our standards and procedures, we make sure that each of our services matches up to the vision that we set for the company when we started.

If you’re in the Vancouver, North Vancouver, Richmond or Burnaby area and want quality service, our car repair experts at Ootmar Automotive can get the job done, no matter how difficult the job. For more information or further questions, give us a call at (604) 681-1727 and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Vancouver-based OotmarAutomotive’sMaintenance Staff Explain Four Signs Your Vehicle Requires Immediate Repair

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To many people, automotive maintenance is a confusing process. Your vehicle must be cared for expertly and professionally maintained in order to help you achieve a lasting return for your investment. But you might not know when there’s a problem. Fortunately, your vehicle does give you multiple signs that it’s time to visit a professional Vancouver automotive maintenance shop. In this post, our team will explain the four signs your vehicle requires immediate repair.

1. Noisy Brakes

It’s a problem that many drivers simply choose to ignore. But if your brakes are making loud noises each time they’re applied, it could be a sign that it’s time for repair work. The potential causes behind noisy brakes are numerous. For example, the problem could be related to worn down brake pads. Or the problem could be relating to damaged rotors. Any sort of brake noise should be investigated by professionals at the next available opportunity. It will provide you with peace of mind and ensure the safety of your vehicle.

2. Exhaust Rumbling

As with brakes, any noises coming from the exhaust area of your vehicle should be a cause for analysis. Rumbling noises are often the result of leaks within the exhaust system. These leaks can be exceptionally dangerous, as they release poisonous material close to the cabin of the car. Exhaust noise might also be the result of a loose muffler. While this isn’t an immediate danger to your vehicle, a loose muffler can come off on the road and impact another driver’s car. And so it’s important that any exhaust noise is investigated and resolved quickly.

3. Persistent Warning Lights

The check engine light might be a permanent feature of your car’s interior, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a serious issue taking place in the vehicle. The check engine light often indicates a slight issue within the vehicle. The problem could be that the gas cap hasn’t been placed back on the vehicle correctly. Or there could be a more serious problem taking place. Drivers should read their vehicle’s manual carefully to determine the cause of the warning light, and then speak directly with local Vancouver automotive maintenance professionals to isolate and remove the problem.

4. Pulling to One Side of the Road

This is often one of the more frightening indicators of a vehicle problem. If your car begins to pull slightly to one side of the road, it could be related toyour vehicle’s wheel alignment. Try to pull off the road safely if you experience this issue and then visit your local Vancouver automotive maintenance firm to complete a full alignment on all vehicle wheels.

By analyzing the signs highlighted in this post, you can become a more focused vehicle owner. You can also consolidate your long-term repair costs considerably, simply by having small problems resolved before they lead to larger, more expensive maintenance challenges. To learn more, speak with our trusted team at 604-681-1727.

Extend the Lifespan of Your Vehicle with Ootmar’s Automotive Maintenance – Vancouver, BC

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We here at Ootmar automotive repair Vancouver are extremely proud of the long and successful track record we’ve established over the years. Our length of service stretches all the way back to the founding of this company in 1928. It is because of these long years of experience we feel confident we can perform the most complicated repair operations in a reasonable timeframe that will be acceptable to you, the customer. It is this dedication to service that has made this company an industry leader when it comes to delivering on our promise.

Being a family-owned business, we have created a strong bond with the local community, as that familiar relationship is an integral part of our job profile. Our experienced staff will relentlessly pursue any problem, big or small, you may be experiencing with your vehicle until the problem is isolated and solved. It is all part of the same work ethic we have maintained for the past 85 years. And it is a standard of excellence we are sworn to continue well into the future of this distinguished organization, providing automotive repair Vancouver with the expertise they deserve.

Here are just some of the reasons we believe you should choose us over the other guys:

We offer specialized services

We have tailored the services we offer to fit the particular needs of the people of the Vancouver area. Our customers know they can rely on us to bring to bear the most advanced technologies and techniques on any problem they may have encountered. Furthermore, they know we will do our best to keep their vehicles in tip-top running shape and provide them with a detailed analysis of the problem and how it was handles. For example, we’ll show them how to increase their fuel efficiency and make their engine run smoother by offering them our Terra-Clean Fuel Injection option.

We have the most experienced in the Vancouver area

Our expert automotive repair team has accumulated years of hands-on experience dealing with every facet of automotive repair. Moreover, they have all been subjected to the most demanding training course in the industry and have acquired the know-how to uphold the reputation of the organization in their assigned field. In addition, company management apply their own testing procedure to ensure that they meet the highest standards of professionalism.

We back up our claims with tangible results

Our successes in automotive repair have been well documented over the years. Those successes were predicated upon a commitment to service that has been unequaled in the automotive repair industry, either before, or since. It has enabled us to adapt quickly to the fast-paced evolutionary process taking place in the automotive industry. So much so that we have received acclamations for our service from local publications, like the Vancouver Courier and the West Ender. We have also been acknowledged for the impact we’ve made on improving air quality.

We treat your vehicle like it’s one of our own

We are so proud of the service record we’ve established we invite you to log on to and Google Reviews and read the many reviews from satisfied customers posted there. In fact, we are so confident and proud of the service we’ve rendered, we invite all our customers to take time out and give our organization an honest appraisal. We believe our workmanship can stand on its own, but we have no qualms about our customers sharing their experiences with you, for honesty and integrity are two of the principles our company was founded upon.

How to Keep From Overpaying on Auto Maintenance

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Many of our customers come to us complaining about how they were scammed into paying more for auto maintenance in another workshop. And, the same customers often are surprised how transparent and affordable our auto maintenance services are. It is for this reason we decided to educate vehicle owners and offer them tips on how to avoid overpaying for auto maintenance in Vancouver or any other city.

Here are some tips to help you make caring for an automobile more cost effective.

Ask Questions

People often are afraid to question mechanics because they don’t understand technical terminologies. We suggest you ask as many questions as possible and whenever technical jargon comes, don’t shy away from asking the mechanic to simplify things. By asking questions and understanding what is needed, you get involved in the maintenance process and this reduces the possibility of overpaying for auto maintenance.

Shop Around

If you go to one workshop to get an estimate for auto maintenance in Vancouver, you are bound to overpay. Instead, make it a point to visit at least three workshops and auto repair centres and get quotes. Relying on a single workshop increases the chances of getting scammed and you always have other quotes to start questioning the workshop to find out why they are overcharging you. Getting multiple quotes help you come to a ballpark figure as to how much auto maintenance in Vancouver would cost you and armed with this information, you’ll never end up paying anything extra to the workshop.


Auto maintenance is complex and with mechanical parts it can be tricky to give an exact figure. We never give our customers an exact number. Instead, we offer them the maximum possible amount they can expect to pay for the repairs. This allows our customers to make an informed choice and when we charge them less than what we initially quoted, it makes them very happy.

Find Out About Service Repair Guarantee and Customer Testimonials

A good auto mechanic and workshop will always be willing to offer customers service repair guarantee. We stand by our service and have no qualms about offering guarantee to our customers. We also encourage our customers to review us on Google Review and Yelp, so that we can improve on our service based on their feedback. This has made us one of the most sought-after workshops for auto maintenance in Vancouver.

Check the Bill Minutely

When we present customers will the final bill for auto maintenance, we often inform them to carefully scrutinize the itemised bill. This way they know what we are charging them for and if they have doubts, they can question us. Similarly, you too should do the same. This helps you figure out whether a workshop is overcharging you.

If you want auto maintenance in Vancouver, you should know how to avoid paying more than necessary for the service. Use these valuable tips to stop yourself from becoming a victim. Remember a workshop that shies away from your questions and is not open about what needs to be done is not the best place for you or your vehicle.

Tips to Remember for Your Spring Vehicle Check Up

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Keeping your vehicle running efficiently saves you time and money over the long term. It also minimises the risk of your car breaking down in the middle of nowhere, leaving you waiting for the rescue. Things you can do to ensure that your vehicle remains roadworthy include checking tires and oil levels. However, to really ensure that your vehicle is in peak condition, you should also have it regularly serviced by a reliable and experienced auto centre.

Why choose Ootmar Automotive?

If you are looking for reliable car service Vancouver, then Ootmar Automotive, with unmatched customer service, price and quality is your best choice. Our commitment to excellence has been central to our business and work ethic since the start in 1928. This commitment is instilled into all our staff and is encouraged through our commitment to them as well as to our customers.

The 49-point inspection

Our car service Vancouver aims to be the most comprehensive service your car will ever undergo. We leave no component unchecked and will take you through any work that needs to be completed to bring your car up to standard. Our service includes a full 49-point inspection of your vehicle; this covers all the most important areas of your vehicle and includes:

  • Oil change – to protect your engine and increase its life expectancy
  • Filter change – stopping harmful particles from entering the engine
  • Steering check – minimising your accident risk
  • Suspension check – poor suspension can cause damage to other parts of the vehicle as well as affecting its handling
  • Exhaust check – looking for early signs of leaks, noise levels and potential exhaust failure
  • Oil leak check – minimise risk of damage to the engine by catching leaks early and making necessary repairs

Bringing your brakes on board

Your brakes are one of the most important aspects of your vehicle, particularly in terms of safety for you and other road users. At Ootmar, we understand that your brakes could be all that stands between you and serious injury. For that reason, we believe that they warrant special attention. Our brake service covers a full inspection of all of the main components of your vehicle’s braking system, including:

  • Frames and calipers
  • Hydraulic hoses and steel lines
  • Hydraulic mast cylinder
  • Control or proportioning values
  • Anti-lock systems
  • Park brake systems
  • Friction material

We recommend that brakes undergo a full service every four to six months. However, the more you drive, the more regularly you should have your brakes checked. This is especially true if you regularly drive in severe conditions that may add to the general wear and tear of your braking systems. It is also a good idea to come in for an additional service if you have had to brake under an emergency situation as this puts unexpected pressure on the braking system.

Looking after the powerhouse of your vehicle

No car service in Vancouver would be complete without an expert engine diagnostic. The engine is the power centre of your vehicle and understanding it takes expertise and the latest technical equipment. Regular servicing can pick up small problems before they affect the rest of the vehicle or cause problems with your cars performance. Not only does this keep you on the road, but also means that any necessary repairs can be done quicker and more cost effectively.

Our aim at Ootmar automotive is to keep you and your vehicle safely on the road. Contact us today at to learn more.

Maintaining Your Vehicles’ Transmission with the Help of Ootmar’s Reliable Auto Repair – Vancouver, BC

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Maintaining your vehicle’s transmission is both an important and an expensive component to repair.  The transmission does a lot but it does not require as much maintenance as the engine. Due to this it becomes neglected. The auto repair Vancouver service provider should inform you of the things that you need to do to keep the transmission in good condition. This includes;

Checking the fluid level

The transmission fluid drives the vehicle; it provides lubrication, cooling, and operates the clutches. There is a dipstick in most automatic transmission that will help you check the fluid level. If you are not sure where the dipstick is you can either refer to the owner’s manual or enquire from the auto repair Vancouver shop

There are two methods that can be applied to replace the transmission fluid of your vehicle.

  • Drain and refill – transmission fluid is drained from the drain plug or transmission pan and then refilling with new fluid. When the fluid is changed, the transmission filters need to be changed too. At one go only 40 -45% of the fluid can be replaced since the fluid in the valve body and torque convertor cannot be drained.
  • Transmission flush – this is done using a special machine connected to transmission fluid line coolers.  As the engine runs, the machine gradually pumps out the old transmission fluid as it replaces it with the new transmission fluid. With this method 95% of the fluid can be replaced at once.

Service the transmission regularly

You need to maintain your vehicles transmission on a regular basis as the fluid has some unique properties which with time wear out. If this happens, your transmission is also at risk of the same. Having a complete filter and transmission fluid change annually adds years to your transmission and saves you money.

Have the transmission problems checked immediately.

Most of the problems usually start small and get worse as time moves on. You can eliminate repairs that are costly by taking care of the problems from the onset. Your best bet is to take your car to an auto repair Vancouver center for servicing. In most cases this will help in prevention of major repairs by taking care of the problem while it is still minor.

Auxiliary cooler installation

Heat is usually the main reason why your transmission fails. The temperatures within the transmission can exceed 3000 F. At this temperature, the transmission fluid starts to breakdown, clutches burn, and the seals harden. To help eliminate this excessive temperatures have your auto repair Vancouver center install an auxiliary cooler in your vehicle. This is important especially if the car travels in rough terrains, carries heavy loads or tows trailers.

Service vehicle’s cooling system

A cooling system that is faulty will reduce the transmission life and damage to the transmission may result to major problems with your vehicle. To avoid this, your cooling system needs to be in good condition at all times.

Cooler line filter installation

The automatic filters have some filters that vary in effectiveness. Metal particles and loose dirt will clog passages and quickly erode the bushing surfaces and thrust washer reducing the lifecycle of your transmission. Installing cooler line filters will be an effective way of removing the particles that could damage your transmission fluid.

Tune out engine

The transmission and engine in today’s vehicles are linked unlike in the past. Problems with the performance of your engine can strain your transmission. Keep the engine of your car in good condition to reduce the stress on transmission making it last longer without the need for repair.

Contact us today at to learn more.


Motoring Advice for First-Time Drivers from Ootmar Auto Repair

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Vancouver-based Ootmar Automotive is a car service and repair company that has been serving drivers for more than 80 years. Because of our excellent service and commitment to each and every vehicle that we work on, the Vancouver Courier recognized us as the Best Auto Service in the area and the West Ender voted us the best company for auto repairs and car services. Additionally, we use fully licensed technicians, that is why we are a reliable source for first-time drivers. In this article we will describe the most important motoring tip for first-time drivers: make sure your vehicle is brought in for repairs on a regular basis.

At Ootmar, we encourage all of our customers to come in regularly for a routine maintenance and check-ups to prevent your vehicle from being damaged by the elements or too much use.

When it gets hot during the summer, the rubber part of your windshield wipers wear out faster than any of your other car parts. Therefore, you should replace your windshield wipers every 6-12 months. Similarly, every 5000 km or 5 months, we recommend that drivers get an oil change to protect the engine parts effectively. Oil is the lifeblood of any car and that is why it is a critical service to maintain the longevity and health of the motor.

It is also crucial to make surey our tires are properly inflated at all times. If your tires are low they will be more susceptible to wear and tear. Bringing in your vehicle to Ootmar will ensure that your tires are inflate, aligned, and rotated to ensure that you are protected from the dangers of uneven, bumpy and wet roads.

Have brakes checked regularly, When your car’s brake pads wear out, it’s a safety concern !It is  also important to have them replaced immediately because thin brake pads will grind against other car parts causing heavy damage and expensive repairs..

One of the most important components of your car engine is the battery. While most batteries have a lifespan of 3-5 years, they may wear down due to the harsh climate and poor maintenance. The last thing you want is your car failing to start because of a dead battery. That is why it is important to come to Ootmar and let us conduct regular battery charge tests to determine when you need to replace it.

Belts and hoses are also important components of the engine that need to be checked regularly because they can get damaged easily. Engines emit a lot of heat, so even with an internal cooling system, belts and hoses will crack over time. We can help you maintain or replace the worn out components so that fluids flow from one part of the engine smoothly.

Just like belts and hoses, ignition systems need regular care. In fact, we insist on checking your components every time you visit us. These instruments in your car are very small, but are tasked with a huge responsibility. .

Ootmar wants to ensure that first-time drivers take care of their vehicles because even neglecting a small problem can result in more expensive future repairs. At Ootmar auto repair, Vancouver drivers can trust that all of our staff are highly-trained and experienced. Additionally, they also have unrivalled expertise servicing vehicles in the local Vancouver area. To learn more visit the Ootmar website at



Don’t Let a Dead Car Battery Kill Your Day – Ootmar Car Service Vancouver

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A dead car battery always seems to happen at the most inopportune time, usually when you’re already running late for an important meeting or when you’re stranded far away from help. There are numerous factors that significantly affect battery life, but if take the right precautions, you can extend the life of the battery and ensure it’s charged when you need it.

  1. Don’t let the car sit: When you drive your car, the alternator helps to recharge your battery and take over some of the electrical tasks. A short drive every few days helps prevent natural battery decay from draining the battery to a point where the vehicle won’t start.
  2. Avoid jump starting the vehicle: It’s tempting to ask for a jump start so you can get where you need to go, but that shock to the system can damage the battery and the electronic components inside your car. A dead battery needs a full recharge and not a temporary solution if you want to avoid replacement.
  3. Perform regular maintenance: We provide the car service, Vancouver drivers need to keep their engines and batteries operating at optimal levels. Through a check of filters and engine function, we can prevent additional strain on the battery that depletes the charge.
  4. Keep the battery properly seated: When the battery moves around, the connections get loose and the battery plates become damaged. With our car service, Vancouver drivers receive a battery inspection that checks for proper connection and a secured battery. In addition, we clean poles and battery wires, so corrosion doesn’t reduce the battery’s efficiency.
  5. Look at the charge rate: Over time, the battery will lose its ability to charge on its own, and it will gradually wear out. Our professionals can test the recharge rate and let you know how long and how often you should charge the battery for the best results and longest life.

At Ootmar we offer almost any car service Vancouver drivers need to keep their vehicles on the road. From preventative maintenance to repairs and diagnostics, our staff of highly trained technicians pride themselves on exceptional service at affordable rates.

For more information visit:


Sharing Valuable Automobile Maintenance Features and Ideas, Ootmar Automotive Extends a Helping Hand to its Clients

February 25, 2014 by ootmar  
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Sharing Valuable Automobile Maintenance Features and Ideas, Ootmar Automotive Extends a Helping Hand to its Clients

<strong>Vancouver, 25th February 2014</strong>: Ootmar Automotive Ltd, a leading Vancouver-based car service center, has recently announced the unique features of its automobile maintenance services. Serving the vehicle owners of Vancouver, North Vancouver, Richmond, and Burnaby, the company enlightens its clients with its useful maintenance tips. The auto repair company adds immense value to its offered facilities by employing certified vehicle experts and expanding its service range.

According to this family-owned car maintenance company, regular repair services are important to get the most out of any vehicle. When asked to highlight the basic features of available car services, the official representative of Ootmar Automotive said, “Since our inception, we’ve been striving to provide our clients in Vancouver with convenient and affordable repair and maintenance facilities. From lube and oil services to air care repairs and from brake services to overall car maintenance, our offerings cover almost every aspect of automobile maintenance.”

When requested to elaborate a few vehicle maintenance tips for the ease of automobile owners, the spokesperson stated, “We know people understand the need to maintaining their vehicles in their optimum condition. It has always been the primary aim of Ootmar Automotive to provide its clients with absolute peace of mind. We not only repair and service their vehicles, but also help them understand the basics of car maintenance services so that they can avoid potential problems.”

“Most drivers don’t pay much attention to their automobile’s windshield wipers. However, they have to be properly maintained as they not only ensure a clear view, but also keep you protected in rough weather conditions. This is why we strongly advise our clients to remove ice and snow from their vehicle’s windshield before turning wiper blades on. This is intended to avoid possible damage and maintain wiper blades in their top condition,” the spokesperson added.

Ootmar Automotive claims to employ ASE-certified technicians who are trained to handle the unique maintenance needs of cars, trucks, SUVs, and several other vehicles. They can determine the root cause of different vehicle problems and resolve them efficiently. In the opinion of the spokesperson, the company offers exceptional car services at the most affordable rates. “What makes us different from our competitors is the fact that we don’t overburden our clients with costly repairs. Instead, we analyze, diagnose, and resolve their vehicle issues without making them pay hefty amounts. Thus, we ensure they get more than their expectations.”

Ootmar Automotive encourages the vehicle owners of Vancouver to clean their vehicle’s windshield and wiper blades on a regular basis. “We always explain our maintenance procedures to our clients to help them understand the importance of properly working vehicles. Worn wiper blades or scratched windshields, we handle and resolve every vehicle problem with the same attentiveness. While performing regular maintenance steps, we capitalize on the most sophisticated vehicle service technology to achieve the best results. This helps our expert staff meet our clients’ expectations in the least possible time,” the company official further said.

Ootmar Automotive claims to utilize the best maintenance procedures and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure quick and effective vehicle repairs. For further information regarding car services offered by the company, please visit

About Ootmar Automotive

Ootmar Automotive is a company dedicated to specialized car repair and maintenance services. Offering exceptional car services in North Vancouver, Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, and beyond, the company meets the expectations of its clients with valuable expertise. Since its establishment in 1928, Ootmar Automotive has been serving as a symbol of quality and excellence.

This family-owned company is known to comply with the most stringent industry standards in its car maintenance procedures. Presenting a variety of car repair services, including brake service and repair, car maintenance, air care repairs, and special lube and oil services, Ootmar Automotive helps its clients resolve all their vehicle issues. The company employs certified repair staff to provide its clients with highly professional facilities.

Contact Details

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