How to Keep From Overpaying on Auto Maintenance

June 10, 2015 by ootmar  
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Many of our customers come to us complaining about how they were scammed into paying more for auto maintenance in another workshop. And, the same customers often are surprised how transparent and affordable our auto maintenance services are. It is for this reason we decided to educate vehicle owners and offer them tips on how to avoid overpaying for auto maintenance in Vancouver or any other city.

Here are some tips to help you make caring for an automobile more cost effective.

Ask Questions

People often are afraid to question mechanics because they don’t understand technical terminologies. We suggest you ask as many questions as possible and whenever technical jargon comes, don’t shy away from asking the mechanic to simplify things. By asking questions and understanding what is needed, you get involved in the maintenance process and this reduces the possibility of overpaying for auto maintenance.

Shop Around

If you go to one workshop to get an estimate for auto maintenance in Vancouver, you are bound to overpay. Instead, make it a point to visit at least three workshops and auto repair centres and get quotes. Relying on a single workshop increases the chances of getting scammed and you always have other quotes to start questioning the workshop to find out why they are overcharging you. Getting multiple quotes help you come to a ballpark figure as to how much auto maintenance in Vancouver would cost you and armed with this information, you’ll never end up paying anything extra to the workshop.


Auto maintenance is complex and with mechanical parts it can be tricky to give an exact figure. We never give our customers an exact number. Instead, we offer them the maximum possible amount they can expect to pay for the repairs. This allows our customers to make an informed choice and when we charge them less than what we initially quoted, it makes them very happy.

Find Out About Service Repair Guarantee and Customer Testimonials

A good auto mechanic and workshop will always be willing to offer customers service repair guarantee. We stand by our service and have no qualms about offering guarantee to our customers. We also encourage our customers to review us on Google Review and Yelp, so that we can improve on our service based on their feedback. This has made us one of the most sought-after workshops for auto maintenance in Vancouver.

Check the Bill Minutely

When we present customers will the final bill for auto maintenance, we often inform them to carefully scrutinize the itemised bill. This way they know what we are charging them for and if they have doubts, they can question us. Similarly, you too should do the same. This helps you figure out whether a workshop is overcharging you.

If you want auto maintenance in Vancouver, you should know how to avoid paying more than necessary for the service. Use these valuable tips to stop yourself from becoming a victim. Remember a workshop that shies away from your questions and is not open about what needs to be done is not the best place for you or your vehicle.