Maintaining Your Vehicles’ Transmission with the Help of Ootmar’s Reliable Auto Repair – Vancouver, BC

April 6, 2015 by ootmar  
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Maintaining your vehicle’s transmission is both an important and an expensive component to repair.  The transmission does a lot but it does not require as much maintenance as the engine. Due to this it becomes neglected. The auto repair Vancouver service provider should inform you of the things that you need to do to keep the transmission in good condition. This includes;

Checking the fluid level

The transmission fluid drives the vehicle; it provides lubrication, cooling, and operates the clutches. There is a dipstick in most automatic transmission that will help you check the fluid level. If you are not sure where the dipstick is you can either refer to the owner’s manual or enquire from the auto repair Vancouver shop

There are two methods that can be applied to replace the transmission fluid of your vehicle.

  • Drain and refill – transmission fluid is drained from the drain plug or transmission pan and then refilling with new fluid. When the fluid is changed, the transmission filters need to be changed too. At one go only 40 -45% of the fluid can be replaced since the fluid in the valve body and torque convertor cannot be drained.
  • Transmission flush – this is done using a special machine connected to transmission fluid line coolers.  As the engine runs, the machine gradually pumps out the old transmission fluid as it replaces it with the new transmission fluid. With this method 95% of the fluid can be replaced at once.

Service the transmission regularly

You need to maintain your vehicles transmission on a regular basis as the fluid has some unique properties which with time wear out. If this happens, your transmission is also at risk of the same. Having a complete filter and transmission fluid change annually adds years to your transmission and saves you money.

Have the transmission problems checked immediately.

Most of the problems usually start small and get worse as time moves on. You can eliminate repairs that are costly by taking care of the problems from the onset. Your best bet is to take your car to an auto repair Vancouver center for servicing. In most cases this will help in prevention of major repairs by taking care of the problem while it is still minor.

Auxiliary cooler installation

Heat is usually the main reason why your transmission fails. The temperatures within the transmission can exceed 3000 F. At this temperature, the transmission fluid starts to breakdown, clutches burn, and the seals harden. To help eliminate this excessive temperatures have your auto repair Vancouver center install an auxiliary cooler in your vehicle. This is important especially if the car travels in rough terrains, carries heavy loads or tows trailers.

Service vehicle’s cooling system

A cooling system that is faulty will reduce the transmission life and damage to the transmission may result to major problems with your vehicle. To avoid this, your cooling system needs to be in good condition at all times.

Cooler line filter installation

The automatic filters have some filters that vary in effectiveness. Metal particles and loose dirt will clog passages and quickly erode the bushing surfaces and thrust washer reducing the lifecycle of your transmission. Installing cooler line filters will be an effective way of removing the particles that could damage your transmission fluid.

Tune out engine

The transmission and engine in today’s vehicles are linked unlike in the past. Problems with the performance of your engine can strain your transmission. Keep the engine of your car in good condition to reduce the stress on transmission making it last longer without the need for repair.

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