Motoring Advice for First-Time Drivers from Ootmar Auto Repair

March 31, 2015 by ootmar  
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Vancouver-based Ootmar Automotive is a car service and repair company that has been serving drivers for more than 80 years. Because of our excellent service and commitment to each and every vehicle that we work on, the Vancouver Courier recognized us as the Best Auto Service in the area and the West Ender voted us the best company for auto repairs and car services. Additionally, we use fully licensed technicians, that is why we are a reliable source for first-time drivers. In this article we will describe the most important motoring tip for first-time drivers: make sure your vehicle is brought in for repairs on a regular basis.

At Ootmar, we encourage all of our customers to come in regularly for a routine maintenance and check-ups to prevent your vehicle from being damaged by the elements or too much use.

When it gets hot during the summer, the rubber part of your windshield wipers wear out faster than any of your other car parts. Therefore, you should replace your windshield wipers every 6-12 months. Similarly, every 5000 km or 5 months, we recommend that drivers get an oil change to protect the engine parts effectively. Oil is the lifeblood of any car and that is why it is a critical service to maintain the longevity and health of the motor.

It is also crucial to make surey our tires are properly inflated at all times. If your tires are low they will be more susceptible to wear and tear. Bringing in your vehicle to Ootmar will ensure that your tires are inflate, aligned, and rotated to ensure that you are protected from the dangers of uneven, bumpy and wet roads.

Have brakes checked regularly, When your car’s brake pads wear out, it’s a safety concern !It is  also important to have them replaced immediately because thin brake pads will grind against other car parts causing heavy damage and expensive repairs..

One of the most important components of your car engine is the battery. While most batteries have a lifespan of 3-5 years, they may wear down due to the harsh climate and poor maintenance. The last thing you want is your car failing to start because of a dead battery. That is why it is important to come to Ootmar and let us conduct regular battery charge tests to determine when you need to replace it.

Belts and hoses are also important components of the engine that need to be checked regularly because they can get damaged easily. Engines emit a lot of heat, so even with an internal cooling system, belts and hoses will crack over time. We can help you maintain or replace the worn out components so that fluids flow from one part of the engine smoothly.

Just like belts and hoses, ignition systems need regular care. In fact, we insist on checking your components every time you visit us. These instruments in your car are very small, but are tasked with a huge responsibility. .

Ootmar wants to ensure that first-time drivers take care of their vehicles because even neglecting a small problem can result in more expensive future repairs. At Ootmar auto repair, Vancouver drivers can trust that all of our staff are highly-trained and experienced. Additionally, they also have unrivalled expertise servicing vehicles in the local Vancouver area. To learn more visit the Ootmar website at