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October 20, 2011 by ootmar  
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The rain and snow season is soon upon us!  This brings the questions, “How are your current tires ?” and   “Do you have good winter tires ?”

Things to know:
1)      We live in Vancouver so we’re guaranteed to get rain and snow.  
2)      Winter tires are limited stock. After Nov 15th, tires could be hard to find. 
3)      As temperatures start to drop below 10 degrees  Celsius, the rubber compound in all season tires start to harden and causes the vehicle to become less stable.  Winter tires have a very different rubber compound which stays soft at cold temperatures and therefore keeping the vehicle stable when temperatures drop.  Canadian DOT (Department of Transportation) recommends installing four matching snow tires, in many provinces it’s the law!  Since there is no advantage to having only two tires with great traction and two tires with poor traction, we also HIGHLY recommend replacing all four tires and not just two.          
Why not get a head start and pick up a full set of four winter tires before they’re all sold out.

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