Ootmar Auto Expert Signifies the Importance of Getting Car Battery Checked on a Regular Basis

As The Spokesperson for One Of Leading Auto Shop In Vancouver, The Ootmar Auto Expert Explains How a Healthy Battery Can Keep The Car’s Performance On an Optimum Level

Ootmar AutomotiveVancouver, 24th Mar 2014: Ootmar Automotive, one of the leading auto shops in Vancouver known for offering their prompt and professional services even in the extreme Vancouver weather, has now chosen a unique means to help car owners in Canada. As company’s spokesperson, one of the experts from Ootmar has recently shared valuable professional information regarding car batteries and the importance of checking battery condition on a regular basis.

Expressing the need to spread awareness in this aspect, the spokesperson said, “A very few people understand the fact that cars are just like us. For a healthy performance, you need to take good care of each and every part. Unfortunately, the one part most people often overlook in their car is one that runs it. Most people come to us when their car battery has gone flat or completely dead. As auto service professionals, we recommend regular condition checks to enhance the life of the battery and the performance of your vehicle.”

Holding immense amount of professional experience in the auto service industry, the spokesperson busted the common myth that disregards the relationship between car’s performance and battery condition. While the main purpose of car battery is to start the engine, a weak battery may result in incomplete ignition. In that case, the burden is shifted to the alternator. It can affect the vehicle performance as well as failure or shutdown of various accessries and safety devices such as ABS and traction control. Regular battery and alternator condition checks, according to the expert, is very important

The issue of this advice by Ootmar expert couldn’t have come at a better time given . The chilly weather in the mountains and at times in the lower mainland. The weather itself has its impact on the battery condition. If not maintained properly, the battery could cause the engine to not to start. “There’s a lot of cold wind and snow out there. You don’t want to get stuck in the wrong place at the wrong time. Waiting for the help to arrive can be frustrating in this freezing weather. That is one more reason you need to keep the batteries working perfectly,” the spokesperson adds.

Auto Service by OotmarAlthough it is possible to run a DIY test for battery condition, the Ootmar expert recommends a professional battery condition check for more accurate and expert analysis. Quick and cost effective, the battery condition test conducted at Ootmar includes checking of various factors such as charging system, charging rate and voltage output of the battery. Using state of the art equipment with digital display, auto service professionals at Ootmar provide accurate analyses regarding the health of the battery. The basic purpose of the test is to let the car owners know if they are car is vulnerable to the risk of sudden battery failure or not.

Checking battery condition is only one of the services offered by Ootmar Automotive. It is a full service auto shop serving Vancouver, North Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby and lower mainland. For, more information on Ootmar’s auto expert team and their complete list of services, please visit the website www.ootmar.ca

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Ootmar Automotive is a Vancouver based company that provides to specialized car repair and maintenance services. Founded in 1928, the family owned company has established its repute through its well-maintained quality of service. Being one of the oldest names in Vancouver auto service industry, Ootmar employs a team of certified repair and maintenance professionals to provide its clients with highly professional facilities.

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