Ootmar Automotive – Affordable Chassis Lube Services for Effective Vehicle Performance

The chassis is the foundation for your vehicle. The connections between the chassis, suspension and steering  require effective lubrication to ensure enhanced performance and prevent component degradation. But only through the expertise of an auto service specialist can vehicle owners across Vancouver, North Vancouver, Richmond and Burnaby achieve optimal chassis lubrication.

The experienced team here at Ootmar Automotive has a proven track record. Our experts have worked on thousands of vehicles during their time in the car service industry. This means they’re able to help customers maintain their vehicles by identifying the vehicle’s optimal lubrication points and using high quality lubricants to drive component performance.

Benefits of Our Chassis Lube Service Include:

ü  Consultations with a Certified Maintenance Specialist

When a customer visits our auto shop for a chassis lube service, they’ll be greeted by a trusted expert with years of experience in the automotive maintenance field. This means that any service questions they ask can be answered with authoritative professionalism.

ü  Long-Term Vehicle Component Protection

Our vehicle chassis lube services involve using high quality lubricant products from the industry’s leading manufacturers. It’s how we can assure customers the best service in the local industry, as well as provide long-term protection for vehicle joints and other essential structural components.

ü  Comprehensive Service Packages

Our chassis lube services can be included as part of a comprehensive service package that resolves a broad range of vehicle maintenance requirements. It’s just one way in which Ootmar Automotive continues to keep costs at the lowest levels in the local region for our loyal customers.

If you hear your vehicle squeaking during that regular drive to work, it’s time to review the chassis lube services offered by Ootmar Automotive. Our experienced team is available to now to take appointments at the leading Vancouver auto shop. Call 604-681-1727 to schedule your appointment.