Ootmar Automotive Ltd. Advises Clients on Proper Wiper Blade Maintenance

Local car repair service provides customers valuable insight into the care and maintenance of wiper blades

Vancouver, CA – March 28, 2014 –Ootmar Automotive Ltd. instructs customers on keeping vehicular wiper blades up and running. The Vancouver based car serviced raws their clients from the areas of Vancouver, North Vancouver, Richmond, and Burnaby.

According to Al Eskesen, the Owner of Ootmar Automotive Ltd., “The wiper blades of today are designed to ensure visibility and weather the most unhospitable of driving conditions.However, they won’t last long if they are abused or used in a number of situations which accelerate wear.”

Car Repair ServiceThe spokesperson also added that a few simple tips are all car owners need to implement to ensure that their wiper blades do not fail them when they need them the most. “Gone are the days when wiper blades used to cost $8. The equipment is expensive and dust or debris can render it inoperable if it is not maintained on a regular basis. Regular maintenance can maintain its durability.”

An employee from the company added, “We have been called on to replace countless wiper blades. And most clients admit that keeping their equipment clean is last on their agenda. Plus, they never take other factors such as ice or snow into account. Any dirt or foreign particle that gets lodged in there is bound to cause damage to the windshield or get damaged itself once it is turned on.”

The employee advises clients to lift their wiper blades from the windshield so that the equipment does not get stuck to the glass. He further advises vehicle owners to clear snow loads manually instead of depending on their wiper blades to clear it for them for those heading up to the mountains for spring skiing

According to the employee, initiatives such as these not only prevent wiper blades from damaging irreparably, they also preserve the complex system that controls them. The employee ended his observations by advising clients to update their current wiper blades by replacing them with only quality sets.

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Ootmar Automotive Ltd. is a family owned car repair service that has been in operation since the year 1928. The California based car service provides services to clients across Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby and North Vancouver. Their expertise lies in resolving everything from simple to complex mechanical issues. Some of their services include certified AirCare repairs, brake service, lube & oil service and car maintenance.

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