Ootmar Automotive Ltd. Advises Drivers to Service their Vehicles before Long Trips

April 23, 2014 – BC as a qualified and experienced car repair technician, Al Eskesen, owner of Ootmar Automotive Ltd. (http://www.ootmar.ca/), has been dedicated to providing customers with unparalleled car repair service since 1977. All Ootmar Automotive Ltd. employees agree upon the importance of checking and servicing a vehicle before heading out on a long car trip.

According to a study on the importance of car maintenance by the Car Care Council, “poorly maintained vehicles cause thousands of wrecks each year… the bill for accidents tops $2 billion a year”(http://www.bankrate.com/finance/auto/true-cost-of-not-maintaining-your-car-1.aspx). Car service checks are important and should be performed on a regular basis because neglecting car service checks threatens the lives of everyone in the vehicle and potentially even those outside. Additionally, a broken down car creates an inconvenience for passengers who are stranded on the road, thousands of miles away from home.

With an auto shop location in Vancouver, British Columbia, Ootmar Automotive has been servicing customers from Vancouver, North Vancouver, Richmond, and Burnaby since 1928, so consider visiting Ootmar Automotive Ltd. for vehicle service before embarking on a long trip. The destination and path of a long trip is an important factor to mention to any car repair technician. Hot and cold climates both influence what a car needs to make a safe trip with no potential break downs.

Car Brakes Repair ServiceOne of the most important parts of a car to check before beginning a lengthy car voyage is its brakes. According to the Ootmar’s online website, “some brakes only last 20,000kms, while some last over 90,000kms.” (http://www.ootmar.ca/services/brake-service-and-repairs/). Most Automotive service shops neglect checking a vehicle’s breaks during routine oil checks; Ootmar checks a vehicle’s brakes during every service to ensure nothing is ever overlooked.

For more information on the various car service checks Ootmar Automotive Ltd. perform before lengthy car trips, visit their website directly at http://www.ootmar.ca/ or contact them directly at their Vancouver location:

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