Ootmar Automotive Ltd. Recommends that Drivers Utilize Auto Shop Inspection Services Prior to Purchasing Used Vehicles

Vancouver, BC –Al Eskesen, owner and certified car repair technician of Ootmar Automotive Ltd. www.ootmar.ca, an auto shop that has been servicing customers since 1928, suggests that drivers who are looking to purchase a used vehicle bring it to an auto service shop for inspection prior to buying it. Ootmar Automotive Ltd. is a family owned and operated auto shop that is devoted to providing customers from Vancouver, North Vancouver, Richmond, and Burnaby with unparalleled services including engine analysis, comprehensive car care, and prepurchase inspection.

In order to determine whether or not a used car has been in an accident, it is imperative to bring it to an auto service shop for prepurchase analysis. The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) can also provide customers with a lien and a damage report for a small fee. If both the auto shop and ICBC have determined that the used vehicle has been in at least one accident and there has been significant damage done to it, there is no sense in purchasing it because it may cost more to repair than what it is worth.

Additionally, there are also many brands and years of vehicles that have certain issues that need to be watched out for. Trusted auto services have years of expertise dealing with cars and know which vehicles will pass their inspection tests and which vehicles will ultimately prove to be problematic in the long run.

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Ootmar Automotive Ltd. was founded in 1928 by Cornelius Ootmar for the purpose of providing automotive repair and maintenance services to customers throughout the surrounding areas of Vancouver, North Vancouver, Richmond, and Burnaby. In 1984, Al Eskesen took over the family business and has been offering dedicated and expert repair services to customers ever since.

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