Preparing Your Car for the Winter – Advice from Our Vancouver Car Service Experts

November 25, 2015 by ootmar  
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With the rough winter weather fast approaching, now is the time to ensure that you start getting your vehicle prepared. Proper inspection and maintenance prior to the snow is essential to minimize the chances of getting into an accident and have your vehicle ready to battle the elements. Our Vancouver car service experts at Ootmar Automotive take a look at some of the ways that you can accomplish this below.

Cooling System Maintenance

Always check the level, concentration and condition of your coolant frequently as the winter approaches. Furthermore, always ensure that your maintenance routine includes checking the conditions of the drive belts, hoses and clamps to ensure they are tight enough and in good working order. If necessary, flush and refill the cooling system to ensure that it continues to operate at its optimal effectiveness.

Light and Bulb Inspection

Working lights and bulbs are essential to increase the safety of you and others on the road during the winter so a thorough inspection of them is an important step to prepare your car for the season. Replace any bulbs that have burnt out and regularly clean any grease and grime from the lenses of working bulbs. Never use a dry rag as they can lead to scratching of the bulb surface.

Change Your Tires

Winter tires are essential to ensure that your car has the proper grip and traction to travel safely along ice and snow without sliding. Of course, even winter tires can wear out and pose dangers on the road so make sure that you still give them a close inspection before taking them onto the road. Examine them for any uneven wearing and cupping and look for any nicks or cuts on the sidewalls. Additionally, make sure to check your spare and ensure that your jack is in working order.

Check Your Battery

Take a look at your battery and scrape away any corrosion on the posts and cable connections. You should also check the fluid levels each month if your battery caps are removable. When it comes to checking your battery and making sure that it isn’t weak, hiring one of our mechanics to do the job is recommended, as professional equipment is needed.

If you’re in the North Vancouver, Richmond or Burnaby area and want quality Vancouver car service, our staff Ootmar Automotive can ensure that your car is brought up to speed and ready to hit the winter roads. Don’t take the risk of driving your vehicle in the harsh weather without being positive that it’s prepared for it. For more information or further questions, give us a call at (604) 681-1727 and we’ll be happy to help you out.