Certified AirCare Repairs

Ootmar Automotive: Your Vancouver AirCare Specialist

The emissions control system within your vehicle is instrumental in protecting the environment. When this system fails to achieve peak performance, it reduces the performance of the vehicle and increases the contaminants released by the car. With the goal of improving the surrounding environment in the Lower Fraser Valley, the local government implemented the AirCare program in 1992.  This program requires that vehicles meet a set emissions standard and that drivers have their car inspected on a regular schedule according to the age of the vehicle. That’s why many drivers are now turning to AirCare certified car service centers such as Ootmar Automotive.

On-site, we employ Ben Main, our two-time award-winning certified AirCare car repair technician. Since entering the industry in 1990, Ben has helped thousands of drivers ensure the efficiency of their vehicle through his unique AirCare experience. Within our car repair shop, we also offer a professional service process to ensure failing vehicles are repaired in order to meet the stringent emissions limits set in place by the governing authorities.

Aircare Award


The initial element of our certified AirCare service begins with diagnosis. Our in-house technicians will utilize the latest industry equipment to test a vehicle’s emission level. Our car service team will be able to complete this diagnosis within two hours. And, upon completion, drivers will have a full understanding on the underlying problems causing their vehicle’s poor emissions readings.

Multiple Repair Options

The experience behind our car service team means that Ootmar Automotive customers have a range of repair options at their disposal. Our team can    install customized catalytic converters for seamless integration into a customer’s vehicle as well carry out many other expert-level repair services. We’re able to offer such services because our in-house team has an in-depth understanding of the latest vehicle technology. So if you require emission repairs to be completed professionally within a consolidated timeframe, our AirCare experts are the best local team to call!

Custom catalytic converter installation on a V12 Jaguar

It has never been more important to ensure your vehicle’s emissions meet the highest of standards. We’re now helping clients across Richmond, Vancouver, Burnaby and North Vancouver meet stringent vehicle emissions levels utilizing innovative technology and certified industry experience. Contact our service team directly today to ensure your vehicle is ready to pass its next AirCare test.
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