Ootmar Automotive Ensure Top Level Automotive Performance with Professional Transmission Flushes

By completing professional, regular transmission flushes on their vehicle, today’s drivers across Vancouver, North Vancouver, Richmond and Burnaby can extend their car’s life by several years. It’s a commitment that will also ensure vehicles require fewer repairs. And so thousands of drivers across the region are now working with trusted auto maintenance experts such as Ootmar Automotive to complete transmission flushes that set the standard for excellence within the local car service marketplace.

Drivers choose Ootmar Automotive’s Transmission Experts because:

  • They Have Wide-Ranging Experience

One important element of the Ootmar Automotive service is the company’s commitment to training and service experience. They ensure each of their auto maintenance technicians is experienced working with various transmissions systems. This means they know how the transmissions of individual vehicles operate. It also means they can complete their work quicker and more cost-effectively than any other local area specialist.

  • They Use the Latest Diagnostic Technology

In deploying the latest diagnostic systems within their work, the Ootmar Automotive team can help prevent costly transmission repair work. During their transmission flush service, they can analyze the system to check for performance-related issues and then resolve these issues pre-emptively.

  • They’re Committed to Maintaining Manufacturer Standards

Whatever the car’s mileage, Ootmar Automotive services vehicles according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. The company also ensures their staff completes regular training courses to help them achieve the very highest proficiency within their work. This means drivers achieve the very best auto maintenance service performance for their money.

By entrusting auto shop Ootmar Automotive with their vehicle’s transmission flushing service requirements, local area drivers can protect their vehicle and their wallet for the years ahead. To book your next transmission flush now, contact the service team directly at 604-681-1727.