Ootmar Automotive Helping Drivers Achieve Fuel Efficiency with TerraClean Fuel Injection Service

Gas prices are becoming an ever-larger proportion of all driving expenses and drivers across North Vancouver, Richmond, Vancouver and Burnaby are searching for ways in which to improve their vehicle’s fuel efficiency. The TerraClean Fuel Injection service from the team at Ootmar Automotive can help meet this long-standing vehicle performance goal. It’s a car service that can also help drivers reduce the emissions from their vehicle.

The Advantages of the TerraClean Fuel Injection service Include:

  • Fast, Effective Cleaning of the entire fuel system and combustion areas

Working with the TerraClean system, the Ootmar Automotive auto maintenance technicians will clean each component of the fuel system to ensure it reaches maximum operational capacity. The system helps eliminate the contaminants and carbon build up that lead to engine performance loss, thereby ensuring a cleaner and more stable fuel system.

  • Extended life of fuel & emission systems

By removing contaminants from within internal combustion system, the TerraClean service from the auto repair experts at Ootmar Automotive can help increase the operational longevity of a vehicle’s fuel and emission systems . And the company’s auto maintenance staff can also ensure clients receive the latest information on how to retain this exceptional performance over many years.

  • Enhanced Fuel Efficiency

The TerraClean system helps drive long-term fuel efficiency by ensuring maximum performance of the vehicle’s fuel injector components. Drivers achieve a great return for their payments at the pump and their vehicles become a more cost-effective investment over the long-term. It’s how Ootmar Automotive is helping drivers across Vancouver reduce their fuel costs.

Drivers can ensure maximum efficiency from their vehicle by booking the TerraClean Fuel Injection service from Ootmar Automotive. To book today, please call 604-681-1727.