Ootmar Automotive in Vancouver, Winter Lube and Oil Service & Inspection

Winter’s coming! Are you ready?

Winter is the toughest season on your vehicle. With so many rubber components on your car, the cold weather really puts a toll on your vehicle. Radiator and heater hoses start to harden. Drive belts and timing belts become stiff and lose its elasticity. Summer tires also become hard and can no longer grip the road as well. However, not only rubber components are stressed during winter, the electrical system is as well. When the temperature begins to drop, the alternator, battery and starting systems also have to work harder as it takes more amperage and voltage to run your vehicle and its accessories. (For example, heater system, wiper blades, defrost, heated seats…etc)

Is your car ready for the winter? How are your hoses, belts and tire? Is your alternator charging your battery enough? Call and get your car booked in for a Lube and Oil Service with a Full Winter Inspection, starting at $95 + HST. Let’s make sure that your car keeps you going during the winter.