Trust Ootmar Automotive for All Filter Changing Requirements

Today’s engines are built using the very latest in high-performance technology. But it’s still imperative that vehicle owners protect their systems against degradation caused by dirt and other contaminants. Oil and air filter changes are critical in this process. By having their vehicle’s  filters changed by the professionals here at Ootmar Automotive, owners can ensure top level performance.  The Ootmar Automotive team has the proven experience to complete effective car service work to the highest of industry standards.

The vehicle’s engine also requires clean air to function effectively. The air filter works to keep dirt and unwanted engine damaging particles from entering the system. But only through professional filter replacement services can vehicle owners help protect their vehicle’s internal components. Local area vehicle owners can now entrust their air filter replacement needs to Ootmar Automotive. Each of our auto service staff members has passed stringent industry certification courses to ensure professional workmanship and a commitment to high level customer service. This means we can assure each customer the best service for their full range of vehicle maintenance needs.

Benefits of Ootmar Automotive’s Filter Replacement Services Include:

ü  Trusted Services Based on Over 80 Years in the Marketplace

The Ootmar Automotive auto shop has served local Vancouver, North Vancouver, Burnaby and Richmond vehicle owners since 1928, at the very inception of the automotive industry. The brand continues as a leader in the marketplace due to our commitment to service performance and the use of the latest maintenance technology.

ü  Commitment to Product Quality

As one of the leading local market specialists, Ootmar Automotive only works with the top manufacturers of maintenance products, including Total, Wurth, Royal Purple and Delco to ensure that vehicle owners achieve durable, high performance products for use with their vehicle.

ü  Unique Technician Expertise

Our experienced team has worked with a broad range of vehicles. This means we’re able to complete all filter replacement work within an industry-leading turnaround time and help customers achieve effective filtration performance over the long-term.

As automotive industry pioneers since 1928, Ootmar Automotive is your vehicle filtration systems partner. To book your next oil or air filter change, please contact our offices directly today at 604-681-1727.