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May 3, 2012 by ootmar  
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Keddis Automotive

Andu and Victoria in Croatia

Happy April Everyone!

Andu and I were talking and realizing a whole year has come and gone and we wanted to let you know that we miss you!
With that being said though, life is pretty great.
This past year has brought us some truly great adventures and adversities that have taught us some great lessons in life – all wonderful!
Andu is presently teaching at Vancouver Community College, of course in the Automotive Department – inspiring the minds that will fix your cars in the future! He’s a natural!
Victoria has gone back to working in the Social Services field working with an organization called The F.O.R.C.E. Society for Kids’ Mental Health – supporting families that have children and youth with mental health issues.
We’re enjoying the new challenges!
We hope you too are doing well. Know that you are forever appreciated for the part you’ve played in our lives.
A reminder if you are looking for someone to continue taking care of your car that we have received incredible feedback from all of our customers who have had the priveledge of using Ootmar Automotive. Which of course makes us feel great about referring you to them.

Here is their contact information if you are still looking for options:

Please pass this on to anyone you know is a customer as we have limited email contacts.

Thanks so much.
Be well, you’re in our thoughts.


Victoria and Andu Keddis