What can you do to increase your fuel mileage?

Back in the day, carburetors needed to be tuned-up every season due to the seasonal climate changes. Now, with computer controlled fuel injection systems taking command, that is a thing of the past. I’m not saying that a “tune-up” is not necessary, it’s just not needed as frequently. A tune up now consists of replacing spark plugs, engine and fuel filters, throttle body servicing and fuel injector servicing. Spark plugs have gone from replacement intervals of 20,000kms to 100,000kms and sometimes more. Engine air filters require replacing as, roughly every 20,000kms and many fuel filters are now located inside the fuel tanks. Fuel injectors basically do exactly what the carburetors did, but are now significantly more efficient, however, they are still susceptible to carbon buildup. With carbon buildup, they begin to lose their efficiency and therefore can create some fuel economy and drivability issues. So how do you “tune-up” a fuel injector?

“Terra Clean” is a company that has specialized in developing a fuel injector cleaning system that is extremely effective. It consists of a two part chemical that breaks down soft carbon buildup that collects on the fuel injectors and valve train. Here is a picture of what a fuel injector looks like.

Fuel Injector

Fuel Injector Pintle

As you can see, the two pin-holes located at the bottom of the injector as miniscule and are very susceptible to blockage.

Not only does this system clean the fuel injectors, but it can also help improve your fuel mileage, emissions output, restore power output from your motor and even in some cases, revitalize your weakened catalytic converter.

Here’s SPEED’s “Dream Car Garage” host Tom Hnatiw with his thoughts on the system:

Starting at $189.99, we are fully equipped to provide this service. We would love to help you save some money on gas and at over $1.42 per litre, every penny counts.

For more information, check out Terra Clean’s website at www.terraclean.net