Winter Commute Can Now Become Safer with Ootmar Automotive’s New ‘Exterior Lights Replacement’ Services

January 30, 2014 by ootmar  
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Ootmar Automotive Has Introduced Its New ‘Exterior Lights Installation, Repair And Replacement Services’ To Ensure That Automobiles Can Pierce Through Those Dark Winter Nights To Provide Maximum Visibility And Safety!

Vancouver, 23rd January 2014: Every year, the winter season in Vancouver, North Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby and surrounding areas; brings cold, long and dark nights that can be hard to commute in. This year, after providing valued car services in the auto maintenance and repair industry for more than eight decades, Ootmar Automotive has launched its new services for repairing and replacing exterior auto lights.

A company representative states that Ootmar is a car service providing company that is truly concerned about the safety of automobile drivers. It is solely to achieve this aim that they are providing these new light replacements services and they can ensure that the installation services will leave their customers satisfied with their work.

Exterior Lighting for Winter Drive

Exterior lighting in cars includes; headlights, tails lights and turning indicators, along with brake lights. Headlights help in making the road visible to the drivers so that they can easily navigate their vehicle regardless of the dark and foggy routes. Tail lights such as brake lights and turning indicators can help visibility of other cars so that they can see the car in front of them and thus, avoid an unfortunate accident.

When preparing a car for the upcoming winter season, one of the most important tasks is to check the exterior lights and ensure that the driver will have full visibility even in the darkest of nights. With this aim in mind and to make sure that motorists can be seen from a distance by the cars behind them; Ootmar Automotive has offered its new lights replacement services to make winter driving a safer ordeal. To learn more about their services, visit

Exterior Lighting in Cars

It can be a scary experience to drive in the fog and mist when a person cannot even see the road ahead. New lights can make it easier to drive through the dark with their strong bulbs that are long lasting and durable. With a sturdy built and easy installation, Ootmar’s newly installed exterior lights will ensure that automotive drivers remain safe as they make their commute to their homes after dark.

As winters in Vancouver, North Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby and other nearby regions; can be quite long lasting, people who travel frequently, need to put their safety first. Preparing their car for the winter is a necessity for them and checking their old headlights to make sure they work properly is just a small part of the deal.

Old headlights can often dim over time and even small bumps and car crashes can dislodge exterior car lights. Therefore, if a car light is not bright enough to provide the driver with a clear vision or if it is broken or cracked, the exterior lights need to be replaced. Blown bulbs within auto lights also require immediate replacement to allow for a safer travel in the cold wintery nights where often, pitch black roads greet the motorists on their way to their destination.

Before After Lighting

With excelling car services, Ootmar Automotive works to provide not only safer but also energy efficient and long lasting lights from their vendors so that automobile drivers will have a reliable and brighter vision in the dark.

Ootmar Automotive – Family Owned Car Repair Specialists within Vancouver since 1928

Founded in the year 1928, Ootmar Automotive has an exceptional record of providing high quality car repair and maintenance services. As a family owned business, it has been passed on from one generation to the next and the current owner, Al Eskesen, has been managing this company since 1984.

Learning to do what his family did best, Al has been able to take the company to new heights, retaining its old clients and making long lasting customer relations with the new ones. Their clientele come from Vancouver, North Vancouver, Richmond and Burnaby, allowing them to cater to a large number of people with their high standards of customer care and car services.

The company’s collaboration with numerous vendors ensures that they are able to find the right equipment and car parts to install within their clients vehicles. With technologically advanced methods of car maintenance, they are able to offer a wide range of services to their customers and the company not only provides regular maintenance services, but is also able to tackle specialized auto related projects; making them versatile in their work.

Ootmar Automotive has also received numerous awards and is a well recognized provider of car services within the city of Vancouver. To learn more about the company, go to

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