Winter Driving Tip

January 19, 2012 by ootmar  
Filed under Vancouver Automotive Blog

The “horrible” winter that we’ve been warned about is finally here.  With threats of snow storms, how do we prepare for driving in these conditions?  There are a few little things that can help you get through the ice and snow, and get you to your destination safely. 

1) Keep a safe distance between you and the driver in front of you

2) When braking, if you hear a rapid tapping noise and feel a quick pulsation from your brake pedal, DON’T PANIC! This is your ABS (anti-lock braking system) safety system kicking in to prevent you from sliding. 

3) Take it slow around corners.  When you turn a corner, the momentum of your vehicle is still trying to go straight.  Slow down BEFORE the curve, and take it slow.

4) If the rear of the car does happen to slide out, STEER IN THE DIRECTION YOU ARE PLANING TO GO.  Slowly release the gas pedal and DO NOT slam on the brake.

5) Make sure that regardless of the time of day, TURN ALL YOUR LIGHTS ON.  Don’t rely on the Daytime Running Light, DRL,  system on your vehicle.  In many vehicles, the DRL system ONLY turns on the headlights and not the tail lights.

6) After coming to a complete stop, make sure you take a look behind you to prepare for the potential of a rear end collision.

Hopefully these six tips will help keep you safe on the road and always remember to focus on not only the vehicle directly in front of you, but also the cars around and behind you. Good Luck!