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Your Neighborhood Auto Center

Serving Vancouver Since 1928

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Expert Services

We offer auto repair and auto maintenance services. Our customers continue to come to our auto shop because they know that we’re able to utilize the latest technology to maintain the performance of their vehicle and provide a comprehensive report. For example, our Terra Clean Fuel Injection Service. This service option will help drivers improve their fuel economy and enhance engine performance in the long-term.

Ootmar Automotive: Trustworthy Auto Repair Services Since 1928

Welcome to Ootmar Automotive! We have a track record of repair and maintenance success that goes back to our founding year of 1928. It’s this exceptional track record as well as our ability to perform even the most complex of repair work within a consolidated timeframe that has helped the organization to become one of Vancouver’s leaders for expert-level auto repair and servicing.

We’re a family-owned business and a strong bond with our customers is an important element in our work. Our certified repair staff works tirelessly to ensure that any problem you have with your vehicle is resolved according to the highest of standards. It’s a commitment to excellence that the company has held for over 85 years. And it’s a commitment that will continue long into the organization’s future as we provide clients across Vancouver, North Vancouver, Richmond and Burnaby with valuable repair expertise.

Our Staff

Each member of the Ootmar Automotive team has years of experience in the automotive repair industry. They have all passed stringent industry training to ensure that they have the technical understanding to live-up to the reputation of the organization within their work. And the company’s management also personally carries out the company’s own in-house testing processes to ensure a higher level of professionalism.

Proven Results

We have a long-standing track record of success. This success is built upon an unparalleled commitment to workplace performance. It’s how we continually achieve greater results within our work as the industry evolves and innovates. In recent years, the company has been voted the area’s “Best Auto Service” by the Vancouver Courier, and the “Best Company for Auto Repairs and Services” by WestEnder. We have also earned numerous AirCare quality and performance awards.