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Ootmar Automotive – Family Owned, Experienced Vancouver Car Repair Specialists

Owner, Al Eskesen, learned the trade with Ootmar in 1977 when his uncle owned the business. Al has been the owner of Ootmar since 1984 and prides the business in providing employment for his long-standing staff over these many years of operation.

Al believes that at Ootmar Automotive, we truly understand the challenges that vehicle owners face in finding a qualified car repair specialist. That’s why we go to exceptional lengths to ensure that we provide a level of service that is superior to that offered by our competitors and local dealers. Our excellent industry reputation is the result of our business integrity and our honesty with customers, as well as our technical expertise that helps enables professional repairs to be completed within the estimated timeframe.

Our reputation in the industry is enhanced by the following:

Our Commitment to Energy Efficiency

Ootmar Automotive auto shop is environmentally aware! We recycle virtually everything produced from servicing and repairing your vehicle. This would include fluids, metal, tires, cardboard, and plastics. We never waiver in our approach to operations management, and continuously look to improve the energy efficiency and environmental responsibilities within our work. This is why the company has achieved many awards within the industry for its commitment to environmentalism. For example, we’re a two-time AirCare Quality Repair Award winner. And we have 5-star rating from the Burrard Inlet Environmental Act Program.

Our Commitment to Working With Leading Equipment Vendors

Our experience within the car repair field means that we have an in-depth network of affiliations within the industry. Our network includes connections with the leading repair equipment makers and manufacturers of vehicle parts to ensure that our team always has access to the best available solutions on the marketplace. By working with some of the industry’s most trusted vendors, we’ve been able to continuously improve the quality of repair workmanship as the company moves forward.

Our Commitment to Resolving Unique Customer Requirements

Each of customers deserves the very highest level of attention and respect. And so we provide a full-line of services designed to cater to unique customer demands. One example is our customer drop-off service, which is designed to provide customers with peace-of-mind and a seamless travel option when they have an unexpected repair requirement on short-notice. We also work with Enterprise to provide car rental services to our customers with extended auto shop needs.

Professionals You Can Trust

We know it can be difficult to find a repair professional you can trust. But from our Vancouver location, the Ootmar team is ready to become your future vehicle repair specialists for the long-term. Why not book an appointment to have your vehicle analyzed by professionals with years of experience? Trusted car repair experts are waiting to speak with you today, even if you are just looking for information or advice.

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