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Improve Your Vehicle’s Performance With the Lube & Oil Service From Ootmar Automotive

At Ootmar Automotive, we have a long and established history of utilizing the latest technology to help maintain our customers’ vehicle performance. Ootmar is continuing in that long-standing tradition with their full lube and oil service.

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Experience and Expertise

Our skilled service automotive maintenance professionals have an in-depth understanding on how to extend the life of your vehicle. And so, as part of our lube and oil service, we’re now offering customers a full 49-point inspection for their vehicle.

This automotive maintenance inspection is comprised of a full review of all key vehicle areas and we will answer customer questions about the current performance and future reliability of their vehicle. This 49-point inspection includes the following:

  • Change oil  – We’ll ensure you’re achieving ultimate protection and longevity
  • Change filter – We’ll help to protect your engine from harmful particles
  • Lube chassis – We can ensure you are getting full life expectancy from serviceable moving parts
  • Check steering – We’ll ensure your steering system is safe
  • Check suspension – We’ll inspect the suspension for early detection of potential problems
  • Check exhaust – We’ll monitor your exhaust for leaks, noise or failure
  • Check for oil leaks – We’ll inspect to prevent automotive failure and help you stay environmentally responsible
  • Check and set tire pressures – We’ll optimize levels for safety and longevity
  • Check tire wear – We’ll review for damaged or worn tires
  • Check front and rear brakes – We’ll analyze brake components for wear and performance
  • Check and top up all fluids  – We’ll ensure transmission, differential, coolant, brake, and washer fluid levels are clean and full
  • Check belts and hoses – We’ll analyze the vehicle for loose or warn belts and hoses
  • Check all automotive lighting – We’ll help keep you safe and legal
  • Lube door locks and hinges – We’ll ensure your vehicle’s doors, hoods and hatches are functioning properly

We Are Here for You

These are a few of the example services we provide as part of our 49-point inspection within our lube and oil service special. It’s an automotive maintenance service that highlights our generations-long commitment to keeping Vancouver residents safe on the road.

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