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Expert Services Performed by Vancouver’s Most Trusted Auto Service Team

Whether it’s a car, truck, SUV, domestic, or imported, we work on all of them. Big and small.

At Ootmar Automotive Ltd., our auto service specialists have been committed to providing a wide range of personal automotive repair services to customers in the lower mainland areas of Vancouver, North Vancouver, Richmond, and Burnaby since 1928. We believe that taking care of a customer’s needs is our primary focus. This involves making sure they have the correct scheduling and know when their vehicle will be ready for pickup. Our secondary focus involves actually physically fixing the automobile brought to us. Below is an overview of the many services we offer to ensure your safety and comfort:

Lube & Oil Service

Ootmar’s lube and oil service includes a 49 point inspection which ensures a full review of all the key vehicle areas that are prone to problems. We provide you with a comprehensive report so you can better understand your vehicle and plan for optimum maintenance and repairs.

Emission Efficiency – Air Care

Our on-site, two-time award-winning certified AirCare technician, Ben Main, is devoted to ensuring the engine, fuel, and emissions control system in your vehicle achieves peak performance. Your vehicle may be performing inefficiently, damaging the environment and releasing an excess of toxic gases into the air. The AirCare program was implemented by the Lower Fraser Valley government in 1992 in order to make sure that each vehicle on the street meets a certain set emissions standard.

Brake Services

We find that a common concern many customers have is regarding brake repair and service. If movies have taught people anything it’s that in a dangerous situation, everyone wants their cars to stop when needed. Unfortunately, without coming in for a routine maintenance exam, it is difficult to tell when your brakes may stop working correctly; some only last 20,000kms, while others last over 90,000kms.

Transmission Flushes

To help remove the dirt and contaminants that can enter the transmission system over time, many industry specialists recommend regular transmission flushes. Our expert technicians harness the latest in transmission maintenance equipment to ensure all fluid and contaminants are flushed completely from the system. It’s a service that can help maximize vehicle performance and protect against costly transmission repair.

Engine Diagnosis

From the moment we diagnose an engine or computer issue, our expert team works tirelessly to ensure the optimal repair is completed on the customer’s vehicle. Throughout the diagnosis and repair process, we communicate with the customer to ensure they both understand the issue and the cost, and oversee all work thoroughly. We also utilize the latest tools to ensure our work is completed efficiently and offers value.

TerraClean Fuel Injection Service

One of our specialized services is the TerraClean fuel injection service. Many times, fuel injection systems are overlooked during routine auto service This service from Ootmar not only improves the mileage on a customer’s vehicle, but also cleans the fuel injector, and reduces emissions output.

Heat & Cooling Systems

Although a failed heating and cooling system may at first seem like no big deal, come summer, drivers will be wishing they had fixed their air conditioning or cooling system sooner rather than later. Moreover, an improperly serviced cooling system can result in overheating and during the winter months, individuals without proper heating systems will feel cold and uncomfortable on those cold mornings.

Warranty Approved Maintenance Work

We know it’s not always comforting to go back to your dealership when a vehicle maintenance issue occurs. And so we’re offering a service that allows for stress-free, warranty-approved maintenance work. Due to the reputation of our automotive maintenance team, Ootmar Automotive has developed business relationships with some of the leading automotive manufacturers. This means we’re the ideal Vancouver automotive specialist to call for warranty-approved maintenance services.

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