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Quality Steering & Suspension Services

Your steering and suspension system is a key player in keeping your wheels in optimum contact with the road, transfer the movement of the steering wheel to the tires, and provide riding comfort for you and your passengers. It is important to keep your suspension in good condition; both for your comfort and to avoid costly future repairs. At Ootmar Automotive, we guarantee a quality and thorough inspection of your vehicle and to handle repairs with unparalleled customer service. If you hear noises when you drive over bumps, are having trouble steering, or if you notice uneven tire wear, reach out to the professionals. We will be happy to help.

Benefits of Steering & Suspension System Repair

The most obvious benefit of a well-functioning steering and suspension system is a smooth ride. The suspension system absorbs a lot of the shock and bumps of the road. Another benefit that we often take for granted is that steering and suspension keep the car more balanced and in control. It is important to maintain your vehicle’s steering and suspension to ensure stability and to provide optimum driver control, as well as minimum wear of system components. Poor suspension increases the tear and wear of other vehicle systems. That most often happens to your tires and breaks. Healthy steering and suspicion promotes even and balanced tire and brake wear and keeps you safe.

Why Choose Us

Our highly trained team of automotive professionals is dedicated to providing the best service possible for you and your vehicle. We truly understand and care about the challenges you face as a car owner and are here to help. We always go the extra mile for our customer to make sure you will get a superior service and great value. Also, our technical expertise allows us to complete inspections and repairs in a timely manner so you can get back on the road. We offer:

  • Suspension inspection
  • Inner and outer tie rod replacement
  • Sway bar link replacement
  • Ball joint replacement
  • Shocks replacements
  • Struts replacements

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